The Agent Systems of Success Workbook

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Monthly, Weekly, Daily Success Steps Planner

Business SOS Planning Template

Training Checklist for New Agents

Buyer/Seller Contract-to-Close for Agents

Open House Checklist and Supplies

Critical Indicators Spreadsheet

Budget & Actual Income/Expense Spreadsheet

Marketing SOS Planning Template

Campaign ROI Estimate & Actual Spreadsheet

Team SOS Planning Template

Buyer/Seller Contract-to-Close for Teams

Sample Policies and Procedures for Brokerages

Critical Indicators & KPIs for Brokers

About the
Agent Systems of Success™ Workbook

More Than "Just A Book"! Here is THE guide you have been waiting for to help you grow your real estate business. Unlike other books, this workbook actually explains and provides the systems for each stage of your real estate career. It is a turn-key manual for everyone; including the new agent who is just getting started, to the experienced agent looking to build a team or open a brokerage.

The workbook provides you with downloadable worksheets, spreadsheets, and business plans that you can edit and use as the foundation of your real estate business. It is what you need to create an intentional business and take back your personal life.

Helping With All Business Stages:

Stage 1: Learning Real Estate

Stage 2: Building A Successful Business

Stage 3: Building A Successful Admin Support Team

Stage 4: Building A Successful Team With Other Agents

Stage 5: Building A Successful Brokerage

Stage 1) Assists new agents who are just getting started in the business by providing tips, terms and a training checklist.

Stage 2) Covers all the things you need to grow and make money: business planning, branding, technology, marketing, lead funnels, open houses, CRMs, finances, critical drivers, working with buyers and sellers, contract-to-close, and follow-up.

Stage 3) Covers the best ways to add administrative help. We show you different options to add assistants through independent contractors, companies, or employees. We also help you with systems to communicate with them, and handle project management.

Stage 4) Shows you how to add other agents and different ways to structure your team. We provide sample team plans, pros and cons, and tips for adding the right agents.

Stage 5) Is focused on opening a brokerage. It covers the pros and cons, financial considerations, franchising options, and provides resources for getting started.

There is also a bonus section with the Daily Success Steps, which focuses on how to take back control of your day and plan where you want to go and how you are going to get there.


Simple, if you already have the workbook, click the download button on the right. Register, put in the code you found in the Downloading Extra Content section of your book, and you get access to all the downloadable content.

We chose to use a course format so you can easily find the specific materials you want, instead of having to download a huge file with stuff you don't need.

As you go through the book, you can login to your Helping Agents App account and access the files you need for that section of the book. This way it is not overwhelming and you can work with each document when you are ready to work on it!

If you don't have the workbook yet, you can go to Amazon and order a copy.


Tanya Eldert is a licensed real estate instructor, owns the Agent Success School, and leads the Real Estate Professional Network. She is also the Director of Training, Broker Associate, Founding member and a vested Partner of Realty Partners.

Tanya has focused much of her real estate career on training and development for agents. She started the Agent Success Start Program, which helps new agents get started through their first 6-months in the business. She is on the Board of Directors for the West Pasco Board of REALTORS® and teaches classes for local associations. In 2020 she opened the Success Help School and became a Certified Entrepreneur & Business Coach, as well as a Certified Life & Group Coach.

Tanya also has a background in marketing and management. She has run her own marketing agency for over 17 years and even before becoming an agent, focused on supporting real estate professionals and small business owners. In 2003 she started working with real estate agents to assist them in getting started on the internet, she also worked with an Emmy winning producer to take the first steps into integrating video with home sales and taught agents classes on how to merge 'new technology' with traditional marketing methods. She currently owns Synergy Business Network which includes services for agents such as Agent One Stop Shop and publishing, Success Workbooks.


Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Realty Partners.

He is an experienced entrepreneur, executive and recognized eBusiness Pioneer. He has pioneered new business models in the real estate and title industries. Thomas is passionate about teaching REALTORS® how to transform their real estate practice into a real business. He not only brings un-matched technology and internet marketing expertise to the real estate industry, he is also one of very few individuals to be simultaneously licensed as a Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Broker and Title Agent.

Since 2002 his primary focus has been on the real estate industry, creating one of the leading real estate sales teams on the Sarasota/Bradenton market area, before launching his first brokerage, Bravo Real Estate, in 2005 - a team brokerage model with salaried agents. In 2006 Thomas also launched GSS Title, as the first paperless Title Company in the State of Florida.With the downturn in the real estate industry beginning in 2006 the focus quickly turned to distress and short sales. GSS Title has established itself as the premier provider of Short Sale Processing and related Title Services to Real Estate Agents throughout the State of Florida.

IIn 2009 he founded Realty Partners as the first truly agent-owned, partnership based real estate brokerage. Thomas also provides training and coaching to thousands of real estate agents and brokers throughout the US though his separate training company. Thomas continues to be licensed as Real Estate Broker and Title Agent in the State of Florida.

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